Brannan-Andrus Levee Maintenance District (BALMD)

Lands within the vast area known as the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta are protected by a system of levees, the purpose of which is to hold back channel waters. Additionally, those lands are served by a network of drainage channels and ditches which transport seepage and run-off from those properties to pumping stations where the water is removed from the islands. Ours is a special situation wherein the operation and maintenance of these two functions are carried out by separate entities: a levee maintenance district and a reclamation district.

Brannan-Andrus Levee Maintenance District (BALMD) has oversight over the levee system forming its boundary. Within that boundary are three, independent reclamation districts which oversee the de-watering (reclamation) activities. Reclamation District 317 covers Lower Andrus Island, Reclamation District 407 has jurisdiction over Andrus Island, and Reclamation District 2067 has authority over Brannan Island.

Owners of property near regulated flood control levees in the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta, are responsible for adhering to the guidelines and regulations involving those levee structures; and for being aware of the restrictions the levee places on their property and the types of projects and activities which are allowable by law.